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A Bitter Sweet Moment

                                                                          We don’t always know the paths we go                                                                             Neither do we know the way 

 But what we know is that when God calls, 

 It’s impossible to stay

The bonds we built while here together

 Are one’s that are cemented in time 

 And like a fresh washed and polished car 

It’s time for me to shine

For what we learn in the our season of growth 

 Will most definitely be put to test 

 As we venture into the valley 

 to suffer with the rest

It’s never easy to say goodbye 

 so I’ll just say see you soon 

 And if by chance and if God permits 

I see you one afternoon

It’s never been about myself 

 but always those I served 

And I tried to serve with dignity 

even when I was thrown a curve.

I took my position with seriousness 

and tried to do my best 

 And now the knowledge that I’ve attained 

 is ready for the test

So if you hear or read of me 

as I step out upon my faith 

Know that you are in my heart 

 And will never be erased

With tears this poem I now must close 

And to me this moment is hard 

 But like other times when things got rough 

 I just turn it over to God

We Love You Jerusalem

Rev. & Sis Bankhead