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JBC Ministries

                                                                Meet Our Staff

                          JERUSALEM BAPTIST CHURCH

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our leaders.  We are very proud of their efforts and we thank God that he has blessed Jerusalem Baptist Church with such "Gifted" leaders.  I would like you to know the face behind the gift, and if you are in our midst, know that we are all very eager to serve you as a child of the "KING"

"May God Bless and Keep You"

           Pastor David & First Lady Jackie Bracken 

      Rev. Dr. David L. Bracken                        

              Minister James Lee

              Carolyn Holt                                    Debra Wood                                Keith Holland
           Church Secretary                          Financial Secretary                          Minister of Music

                  Ruth Long                                Donny Brown                                       Annie Price   
             Church Clerk                           Grounds & Facility                               Church Treasurer   

                                                                Dr. Linda Stoner
                                                        Director of Public Relations

           Deacon Ministry                                   Trustee Ministry

Tommy Hairston, Edward Holmes, Ralph Brown, James Staley                  Otis Ijames, Arthur Jones, Phyllis Luther, Edward Gibson
                        Ernest Sellars, Thomas Okelly                                                       Annie Price, Marcus Corry, Terry Wood

                                          Deaconess Ministry
                            Helen Stoner, Mildred Gibson, Carolyn Holt, Willie Mae Abel, Addie Hargrave, Norma Staley

I know The Plans
Morris Chapman (The Psalmist)